About us.

Elisakh Hagia, or Els, was born in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, on January 23rd, 2008. Els developed a love for music at an early age, as her mother would use music as a platform to teach her how to talk. At the age of 5, Els moved to a smaller city, Jogjakarta, however, her family found it difficult for Els to develop music skills at the pace she desired in this city.

As Els got older, she discovered a deep passion for hip-hop music. Two years later, Els’s mother decided to bring her back to Jakarta to gain more education and to put Els in the environment she had wished for. There, she attended an English-Curriculum school, and has since learned the English language.

Els taught herself to sing through YouTube, and eventually started training with professional vocal coach, Lucky Tampilang, and developed a great vocal technique for Els. Tampilang has the biggest performing arts academy in Indonesia and he has been training many famous singers in Indonesia. After few month of training, Tampilang signed Els to be the ambassador of his academy and brought Els to many singing performances. One of Els’s achievements under Tampilang’s management was a second place in a national singing competition in Indonesia, which included hundreds competitors.

To activate her talent and passion in dancing, she asked her mother to put her in to a dancing class. For safety reasons, her mother put her into gymnastic class to get a better stamina before she started dancing. This decision brought Els to be a professional young athlete. She signed up for a gymnastic club in January, 2016 and, after only 3 months of training, Els joined an international gymnastic competition in Thailand, where she won 1 gold medal and 3 silver medals.

In October, 2016, Els joined an international gymnastics competition in the Philipines, where she brought home 4 gold medals. Finally, in November, 2016, Els joined an international gymnastics competition in Jakarta, where she received the highest award as she received an All-around trophy and 4 gold medals. And also, After a month of endurance training in gymnastics, Els started to learn dancing technique and very active to do dance performances.

Through all of the process, Els decided to focused on pursuing her growing interest in composing. She spent many hours to write songs one by one, while actively developing her skills in music and dancing. “Performing other people’s message (song) is not enough for me. I love to share and music is the best way for me to share my energy.” She says.