Elisakh Hagia, Indonesian Young Singer who is Scheduled to Perform in Urban Street Jam, USA

Perhaps, not many people know Elisakh Hagia, a 9-years-old singer who haven’t appeared on TV even once. However, in short time, she will leave for USA to start her career as a professional singer.

Born in Jakarta, January 23 2008, Elisakh Hagia grew up as an active and critical child. She is not shy in expressing every gripe in her mind, as well as creative ideas in her head.

Those characteristics showed up when Jawa Pos met that little girl, who is familiarly called Els, on Tuesday (14/2). She didn’t hesitate to refute when her mom, Elsabakh, mistakenly talked. “Not that, mom,” she said. Not long after, she continued, “I want to tell about it by myself.”

The refutation was given when Elsabakh told about Els’ childhood, when her only daughter lived and studied in Yogyakarta. Els once became introvert. She didn’t want to communicate with other people, moreover with the ones that she didn’t
know. The change happened because she was confused after got a question from her teacher about what she wanted to be.

“Elisakh, what do you want to be?” said Els, impersonated her teacher at that time. Hearing that question, Els answered fast: singer.
She indeed wants to be singer since long time ago. She wants to be like her idols, Jessie J and Bruno Mars. But, Els’ answer was considered wrong by her teacher to the point where debate happened and made Els gave up. “My answer wasn’t considered as a job,” said Els.

From that point on, a question appeared in her mind, whether being a singer was a wrong choice. The question lingered in her head and it made her hesitated to talk with other people.

Els’ change of attitude was responded fast by her mother. Besides giving her explanation, she decided to move Els to Jakarta. Further, she sent her daughter, who owns Instagram account as @elisakhagia, to study at school which was more appreciative to students’ interest and talent.

Els’ movement to Jakarta made Elsabakh able to monitor her daughter development more freely. Nevertheless, Els’ desire to be a singer was also supported fully by her mother and father.

However, since the start, Elsabakh asked her daughter not to do it half-and-half. “Because I cannot be hesitant in working on anything,” said Elsabakh, repeating the talk with her daughter.

Since that time, Els has been pushed to learn and train hard. Even her food and drink are being monitored closely. Elsabakh doesn’t want her daughter to consume food and drink that can give bad impact for her voice.

Elsabakh also sends Els to learn with a musician, Lucky Tampilang, to sharpen her singing skill. With the coach who has experience in training famous singer like Agnes Monica (Agnez Mo), Els continuously trains her vocal.

For mental training, Elsabakh bring her daughter to perform from stage to stage, starting from school events until several music events around Jakarta. Elsabakh also engages Els to Gavrila Gymnastic. “To train her body and mental,” she said.

Through the one of famous gymnastic clubs in capital city, Els took part in gymnastics competition to Thailand and Philippines. Not only joining the competition, she also collected several awards. Not less than ten gold medals and three silver medal have been successfully achieved.

Not only singing, Els’ talent is also shown when she learns dancing under the supervision of Cipta Damon, a professional choreographer. Els and Cipta actively post cover dance videos in YouTube channel and Instagram, which attract Hollywood dance choreographers.

Middle of last year was the peak. Elsabakh brought Els to Millennium Dance Complex in Hollywood, USA. “To learn, so then she would know,” said Elsabakh. Els trained to dance and joined casting so many times during her visit to that film center. “But she never passed. No one wanted to accept. Perhaps they hadn’t known Els’ real talent,” said Elsabakh.

As a mother, Elsabakh didn’t want her daughter to be upset. She instead used other way so then there would be people who glanced at her daughter’s talent. “I tried sending email to various parties, telling about my daughter’s talent,” she said.

Still, she got no answer. After almost giving up, Els’ path was finally opened when she was invited to concert practice by one of her friends, Talin Silva, who is a teen singer in Hollywood. There, she met Andrew Lane, music producer for High School Musical and Disney.

The experienced producer who contributed in raising singer Miley Cyrus was attracted to Els since the first time they met. “I told him that I wanted to be a singer, then he tested me,” said the little girl who also loves Muay Thai. During the test, Els sang several songs, including “Listen” by Beyoncé. She also showed off her dancing skill by dancing to Silento’s “Watch Me” and “Thinking about You”. Els’ talent presentation was recorded by Elsabakh and was spread to social media.

The video was watched by Silento and got positive response. Silento is a young rapper in the USA who made music lovers around the world was fond of his dance in “Watch Me” song. “After watching the video, Silento sent me invitation to join his concert,” said Els proudly.

Supported by one of biggest hip hop promotor in the USA, Big Mike, Els and Silento will perform in Urban Street Jam 2017 in early next month, specifically on March 4. On the dance festival that will be held in Anaheim Convention Center, Els will perform singing with Silento.

Els becomes the only Indonesian singer that is invited to perform. Nevertheless, she also becomes the only non-USA singer who will perform on that dance festival.
“I maybe also the youngest one,” said Els.
She is also proud because her effort performing from stage to stage in Jakarta brought her to perfrom in big event in the USA. She will be on the same stage with Silento and start her career in the home country of world’s popular singers.

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