Elisakh Haigia, The Youngest Indonesian Singer On ‘Urban Street Jam 2017

Elisakh Hagia is one of many Indonesian singer and dancer to perform on Urban Street Jam 2017 on March 4th, 2017. The show is part of the biggest dance competition in the States, as for this year the show to be held in Anaheim Convention Center California. And for the record, the show has also debuting the countries biggest stars.

On her tender age of 9, Els could not believe she would get this precious chance. Just like any other young kids, the sun kissed skin girl is never afraid to believe and dreams and to make it come true.

“The first time i learn singing is through Youtube. And the Hollywood stars inspire me so much. When i see them dancing and singing, i really wants to be like them too,” the girl said during the interview at Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta on Tuesday (7/2).

Silento, the famous America singer is the one who invited Els to the show. The singer, music producer and the rapper found her through social media, as he found one of Els’s video dancing to one of his songs.

The rapper who topped Billboard with his song ‘Watch Me’ was amaze by Els’ performance and keep in touch with her immediately. After so many talks through the internet Silento then realize the girl is also a talented singer.

After she learned singing on her own, Els then practicing her vocal through professional singer, Lucky Tampilang. Her singing ability is sky rocketing as she is also joining a gymnastic class to cover her dancing ability.

From her vocal class, Els was once getting an award of a local singing competition as the second winner. As from her gymnastic class, Els took the all around gold and silver medals on the international gymnastic competition in Thailand.

With those local competition experiences, the girl who also is able to play drum, starting her baby step on the international competition.

Not only Silento, the promoter Urban Street Jam 2017, Mike Robinson, aka Big Mike is also excited to see Els’s performance in California.

“Can’t wait to see you performs Els” he wrote on his Instagram account.

About Els

Talent: Singing and dancing

Skills: gymnastic, playing music instrument (drum),

dance style: break, hip hop, contemporer dance.


Gymnastic: 1 gold, 3 silvers on SonnyTy International Gymnastic Competition, 4 golds on Gavrila Gymnastic Festival

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