Gifted By 7 Talents, Els, Indonesia Young Prodigy Will Perform in USA

After having set its sight at Joey Alexander’s buzz last year, the world is about to witness another young prodigy coming from Indonesia, Elisakh Hagia. A 9-year-old girl is announced to set her first appearance at Urban Street Jam 2017.

The show will be held on 4 March and as scheduled, will be hosted at Anaheim Convention Center California, United Stated. This is one of
the biggest dance competitions in United States that has produced more world class music stars.

As a 9-year-old girl, Els, her nickname, has been gifted by 7 various talents! She can dance, sing, gymnastic, play instruments such as
drum and she also possesses break dance, hip hop and contemporary dance. To be added, Els is falling in love with musically.

Els never thought she would get this golden opportunity. Just like the other kids, if asked, Els is never afraid of dreaming and striving hard on her passion. “I learnt how to sing on YouTube and I was inspired by those pop music stars from United States” says Els in Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Tuesday (7/2) quoted by Wartakota.

Going to USA

Every time she looks up to her favorite artist from USA, whether singing or dancing, she always gets inspired to follow suit and is
committed to be like them, one day. It is never a coincidence that Els, who loves posting her dance movements on Instagram, is exclusively
invited to the most popular dance competition in USA.

Without her knowledge, Els talent has been in radar by USA producer and rapper, Silento. “Watch Me” singer whose song was charted on
Billboard, found Els on social media. It was Els performing a tricky dance to Silento’s song. It was easy for Silento to spot her talent as he poked her on Instagram’s direct message. At that time, Silento also figured out that Els has a great vocal too. It didn’t take long time for Els to be serious with her own talent as she started working professionally with her vocal coach, Lucky Tampilang. Since then, her vocal ability is improving.

Urban Street Jam 2017 promoter, Mike Robinson as known as Big Mike shows his desire to see her performance and cannot wait to
welcome Els in California.
“Can’t wait to see you perform Els,” said Big Mike.
It is cool! ELS! Go international!

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