Indonesian Young Artist Indonesia Participates in Urban Street Jam 2017

Here is another young artist who becomes Indonesia’s pride in international arena. Her name is Elisakh Hagia. She becomes the only singer and dancer from Indonesia who will perform in Urban Street Jam 2017 on March 4, 2017.

Urban Street Jam 2017 that will be held in Anaheim Convention Center California, USA is one of the biggest dance competition events in the USA.

At her 9 years old, Els, which is how Elisakh being called, admitted that she didn’t expect the opportunity that came to her. Because, same as the children at her age, Els was just not afraid to dream and tried to work on what she liked.

“I first learnt singing from YouTube, and USA, especially the artists and musicians, inspire me. When I watch American artists singing or dancing, I always want to be able to sing there too,” said Els during her interview on Wednesday, February 8, 2017.

Els wasn’t accidentally invited to that most popular event for dancer and singer. More precisely, she was glanced by a singer, producer, and rapper from USA, Silento. The singer of “Watch Me”, whose song that was placed on Billboard chart, found Els through social media network. At that time, Els created dance cover of one of Silento’s songs.

SIlento was interested to Els’ dancing talent and directly contacted her. After communicating through cyberspace, he found out that Els also has talent on singing.

Like what Els admitted before, she has learnt singing independently from YouTube. However, not long after, she started to train her vocal professionally with Lucky Tampilang. That’s why, her vocal skill keeps developing.

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