Talented, Young Singer From Indonesia Sighted By Silento

Elisakh Hagia should be proud of herself. She became the only singer and dancer from Indonesia who perform at the largest dance
competition in United States, Urban Street Jam 2017.

On her tender age of 9, Els could not believe she would get this precious chance. During this time, she always dreaming to be one of
the success artist from Indonesia at State.

“The first time i learn singing is through Youtube. And the Hollywood stars, especially the musicians, inspire me so much. i really wants to be like them and have a chance to sing in US,” Elsa’s said.

It is never coincidence for Els to be exclusively invited to Urban Street Jam 2017, USA’s singer, producer, and rapper, Silento sho
spotted at the begining. He found Els through social media network.

At the time, Els created dance cover of one of Silento’s songs.

Not only developing her talent at singing, Els also joining gymnastic class to support her dance ability. With her talent, not only Silento
who fascianted with her, the Urban Street Jam 2017 promoter, Mike Robinson, is also excited to see Els’s performance in the upcoming event on March 4, 2017.
“Can’t wait to see you perform Els,” said Mike.

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